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"OMINOUS URSUS" image: 24.5"x19.25"
500S/N         $110
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print image: 12.25"x21"
500S/N            $85
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image: 12.25"x17.5"
500S/N    $65
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A cow elk wades into a cool pond, her calf swimming beside her, finding relief from heat and insects. Common behavior not often observed, these are the precious moments that as a wildlife artist I seek out before applying paint to canvas. Cool relief is one reward from my endless search for uniqueness in nature, to be shared through my art.

Conflict! Two powerful animals so representative of the perpetual battles in nature, vying for territory, for control, for sex. A creation of my own imagination, I did not witness the "Battling Bulls"; the image is based on my experience with the nature of any one of the many species I could have depicted.

Original Oil Painting
"Battling Bulls"
14" x 24" 
Ominous Ursus! My respect is total when I come upon so imposing a mammal. This black bear sow is alert and on the move, searching for food. I am happy not to be her quarry.
Original Oil Painting   SOLD
"When I first saw this beautiful Apache woman, I knew I had to paint her portrait."

Cederstrand Studio is proud to present the image "Ageless Beauty" as a Giclee Canvas Edition print for $125. Limited to an edition size of "fewer than 50". You will be most pleased with these high quality reproductions.